Character I threw together to test out animating in Spine.

Orcs Must Die Unchained fan art original character. The Vampiric Gauntlet is on the left hand.

SPIDER TANK!!! w/pirate flag

Just some fun animal characters.
Febuary 2015

Some creature ideas for “Origins of Malu”.

Another creature idea for “Origins of Malu”.

Concept for a sculpted weapon. Supposed to be made in the Darksiders style.

A viking car made for a JImmy Johnson anything with an engine pitch.

Cartoon Wizard of Oz monster for “Timeless Gems”.

Helen of Troy early concept for Timeless Gems.

Early days concept for Timeless Gems. I believe this was supposed to be Alice.

Don Quixote characterization for “Timeless Gems”.

Skeletal dark knight half done in pencil and finished digitally.

A lodge interior concept for a Mobile Big Buck Hunter game.

The rough for a oil painting.